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When your kids are not at home, what do you have your husband wear while doing chores? Do you keep him naked as much as possible? Does he wear anything other than his cage to signify his submission? Do you often humiliate him in public to reinforce his submission? Thanks

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Unfortunately we rarely have the house for our selves these days, but when we do I like him naked. There is something about the CFNM (Clothed Female Nude Male) that gives me a feeling of power.

If I know we’re going to “play” later I sometimes require leather cuffs. If I know I’d like to use my strapon (with one of the larger dongs) he has to clean and wear his rectal dilator in a harness or his XXL Square Peg Egg plug in a lockable buttplug harness. I’m never able to fuck him with my big toys unless he prepares his cunt. I know he feels very submissive and humiliated walking awkwardly around in the house with large objects locked into his ass.

He does of course always wear my ownership tattoo. It is located just above his penis. Leaving no doubt what so ever that he’s my property.

We have been talking about a permanent lockable collar but so far it has been difficult for him to wear a collar 24/7 because of his job and the required business suit. At the moment I’m looking into alternatives to collars.

Omg I’m getting wet again…at work…

I don’t humiliate him in public as often as I’d like to. I do like to push him out of his comfort zone from time to time. I did quite a bit of public humiliation when we were in Copenhagen last weekend. And I sometimes hint about our lifestyle, my husband’s size, his stamina etc to friends. But never enough for them to really understand what’s going on. Just enough to make my husband shiver.